Welcome Trip Leaders + Area Staff 
This page should contain all the information you need to leader you summer Wyldlife trip to Oakbridge successfully this summer!  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our camp office: 760-789-6980.  The following emails will be sent to each trip leader, area director + area admin.  The information requested in these emails should be completed and sent to Jen Reynolds by the authorized area staff or volunteer leader.
  • Trip Leader Letter (with ALL the details for your summer trip to Oakbridge)
  • Program Letter (if that information was not included in the Trip Leader Letter)
  • 10 Day-Email In Reminder
  • 48 Hour-Email In Reminder
  • YL Access Letter from John Vicary
Please be sure to read and respond in a timely manner to all emails.  The information requested by the camp at the 10 day and 48 hour marks are vital to camp operations from food ordering to housing, so please mark your calendars and be prepared to send this information to camp on time!
To assist you in getting kids in your area to camp, we have a new and updated promotional video for you to use.  You can view the video here
 Summer Camping Health Documents Required 
  1. YL Online Health Form.  The goal is for 100% online health forms from each area.  A Spanish version of the Health & Consent Form is available as a PDF on YL Staff Resources.  Please be sure that your campers + leaders mark the correct camp dates!
  2. CA State Required Health Screening.  It is California state law that each camper and leader coming to Oakbridge be screened before boarding the bus or cars to come to camp.  A physician or nurse will need to complete this screening and sign this form.  This form MUST accompany you to camp and be turned in at registration. 

Area Reports Due to Camp Prior to Arrival

The following things are due to the camp office at specific intervals prior to your arrival to Oakbridge.  Please be on time with these reporting intervals.  These reports are used for food ordering, housing and the ride schedules.  Delays or failure to report hinders theses processes.

  1. 10 Day Email-In.  This form is to be completed and emailed to Jen Reynolds 10 days prior to your arrival at Oakbridge.  A reminder email will be sent to you 2-3 days before this is due.
  2. 48 Hour Email-In with Digital Registration Packet.  This spreadsheet is due to Jen Reynolds 24 hours prior to your arrival at Oakbridge.  Please be diligent in completing all pages


The Young Life Field Leadership Team will continue to require EVERY leader and staff person going to camp with kids in 2017 to complete the YL Access online training.  The training has been updated and shortened for 2017.  Please make plans for your area camp training to communicate this expectation to your leaders.  More information can be found on YL Staff Resources. 


The following are the expectations and responsibilities of all parties involved in your camp trip:

  • The AREA creates an invitation for every leader in the area to complete the online YL Access training
  • The AREA emails the camp the roster of each leader attending that camp week at the 10 Day-Email In reporting date
  • The CAMP office will provide the head leaders with the roster for each area attending camp that week
  • The HEAD LEADERS will follow up with areas before and after arrival to ensure that every area has done their part

If leaders or area staff arrive at camp without having completed this training, it will be expected of them to complete it on morning 2 of camp before being allowed to participate in camp activities. 

Area staff, please be proactive in communicating about and completing this training prior to arriving for your week at Oakbridge to ensure that your leaders can be with your kids the entire week of camp!


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