Booking a Retreat

If you wish to have exclusive use of Oakbridge we only require a minimum of 150 people. Exclusive rental simply means you are the only group on the property. It does not mean that we open up all housing accommodations. We will provide just the right amount of housing space for your group according to your numbers.
If you can't provide 150 people, we will simply open up the camp to two groups. The minimum to reserve our Main Camp Housing is 110 (but can grow to 156). The minimum to reserve Ballena Lodge Housing is 40 (but can grow to 56). The upstairs of Ballena Lodge sleeps 24, is our deluxe accommodations and reserved for adults. The downstairs sleeps 32, is our standard accommodations and is open to adults or youth.
If the camp is shared, both groups will have their own housing and meeting space. Both groups will simply enjoy meals together and will share free time activities such as the pool, skatepark, tennis courts and playing field.
Total capacity of Oakbridge is 212.
The same applies to our mid-week guests however we do not require a minimum of 110 to reserve the Main Camp Housing. We only require 40.    

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