Camp Development

Oakbridge Development

Our property in its current condition has and will continue to serve as an ideal place for retreats, conferences and different camping venues with excellence. During the next ten years Oakbridge will undergo a face lift that will transform the property. Our guests will be the benefactors of the many amenities offered in the beautiful setting as they're phased in over time.

Our Camp Needs

As Oakbridge looks to the future, there are a great many scenes on the horizon. Where we embrace the changes that God brings our way, we also recognize there are needs that our camp still faces. The list below will give you a launching pad as you continue to lift up Oakbridge in prayer and ask for God's continued provision.
  • Road Resurfacing
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • New Maintenance Vehicles
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Mature Trees and Plants
  • Commericial Shade Cloth
As you reflect on all that God has done and will do through Oakbridge, we ask that you remain a "Friend of Oakbridge" through your prayers and perhaps even your financial support. Where you may not be personally able to fill a need we have, you may know someone that could.

Nonetheless, your prayers for Oakbridge avail much and we appreciate you greatly for them.

Development Fund Raising

Capital funding needed to complete the master plan is about 10 - 12 million dollars. The goal for our first fund raising campaign is 3 million which will fund meeting spaces, a camper dorm, and infrastructure.
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