Frequently Asked Questions

How many total guests can Oakbridge accommodate?

Groups reserving the Entire Camp (Main Camp and Ballena Valley Lodge): Oakbridge can accommodate up to 212.   


Main Camp (Standard Housing):  156 guests. Bunk beds. Cabins range from 32 - 48 people per cabin.

Upstairs Ballena Valley Lodge (Deluxe Housing):  24 guests. Twin beds, 2 people per room. Adults only.

Downstairs Ballena Valley Lodge (Standard Housing):  32 guests. Bunk beds, 8 people per room.  

Is there a minimum reservation number required?

For weekend retreats, Oakbridge requires a minimum of 150 people to have exclusive use of the camp.  However, when we are not able to book an exclusive use group, we will book two groups during the same weekend. One group with a minimum of 110 to stay in the Main Camp and another smaller group with a minimum of 40 to stay in the Ballena Valley Lodge.   The group of 110 will have the Club Room meeting space and the smaller group of 40 or more will have the Ingold Lodge meeting space. 

For Mid-week retreats, Oakbridge only requires a minimum of 40 for the Main Camp and a minimum of 40 for the Ballena Valley Lodge.

We will assist you in coordinating meal times, use of meeting space and housing arrangements.

Can we provide our own meals?

No. Oakbridge operates a full service dining hall and is regulated by the San Diego Health Department.   However, if you are staying in the Ballena Valley Lodge you are more than welcome to prepare snacks in the fully equipped kitchen.

I am ready to reserve a week/weekend ... what is my next step?
Contact our office via the information listed on the Booking Page. Once an available week/weekend has been agreed upon and a contract has been signed, you will be sent a packet of information that will help you (and us) prepare for your stay.  For more detailed information, see our Booking Information page.

What staffing is the group responsible for providing?
FOR WEEKEND Non-YL guests (churches, school, businesses):

Option 1: Leave the kitchen and dining room duties to a Young Life group (1 work crew per 10 guests). The fee is $45 per work crew person (i.e. 160 guests = 16 work crew = $720.00). A Young Life crew will serve your meals and do the dishes during your retreat. You won’t need to lift a finger – just come in, sit down, and enjoy your meal. The money goes directly to sending less fortunate youth to summer camp at Oakbridge…so it’s for a wonderful, life-changing cause.

Option 2: You provide your own designated Work Crew.  "Designated" means that they are basically part of the Oakbridge staff for the weekend. We require that they are the same group of people for your entire retreat and that you have 1-2 Leaders to accommodate the work crew.  A work crew is responsible for setting tables, serving tables, bussing, helping prep food, washing dishes and cleaning the dining room.  If your minimum contractual agreement is met (i.e. 150 full time paying people) then 8-12 work crew will be FREE - depending on the size of your group.  Some groups choose this option because it is a great opportunity for their youth to learn how to serve others.  If your leadership and work crew are strong, then it usually means you'll have time to enjoy the property during free time.

FOR MID-WEEK Non-Young Life guests (churches, schools, business)

Please choose Option 1 or 2 above.


All Young Life groups are expected to bring their own Work Crew and Assignment Team (including Lifeguard and Medical Staff) for all retreats.


All guest groups are expected to bring their own EMT, Nurse or Doctor. This certified person will stay for free. If you do not have an EMT we will need to hire one. The typical cost is $300 for a weekend. Mid-week can range between $250-$500 depending on the length of your stay.


If your group will be using the pool, Oakbridge requires a certified Lifeguard at the pool. If you can not provide one, Oakbridge will need to hire one for you. Our Lifeguards usually charge $15 an hour for their service.

Will each guest need to bring a "bed roll"?

Oakbridge provides sheets, blankets, pillows and towels for those staying upstairs in the Ballena Valley Lodge.

All guests staying downstairs Ballena and the Main Camp will need to bring their own bed rolls (sleeping bag or linens, towels and pillow).  

What is the group expected to help clean up at the end of the week/weekend?
Clean-up includes taking all dirty linens to the laundry room,  folding blankets, emptying trash, putting back any furniture that has been moved, sweeping the bathrooms and vacuuming carpets in cabins and lounges.  All guests are asked to exit their cabins by breakfast on their last day.

How do I serve on work crew during the summer?
Work crew is the volunteer experience at a Young Life property for those in high school. To be eligible a student must have completed one year of high school and his or her local area’s work crew training course. The work crew serves the campers in a variety of ways, including dining hall servers, grounds crew and housekeepers. Once an application has been filled out, it should be turned in to the local Young Life leader who will route it to the properties. The deadline for work crew applications is March 15. However, any spots not filled by the work crew quota will be made available mission wide after March 15.

How do I serve on work crew during school year weekends?
If you would like to sign up to serve our non-young life groups at Oakbridge during the weekend, please contact Rob Adams at 760-789-6980 ext. 20. 
Serving our guests during the school year is the perfect opportunity for Young Life Leaders to be with their kids to teach about serving others, to train for their summer work crew experience, or to simply enjoy working in a fun environment with your kids at your side.  We promise to make it a productive and memorable time for you and your club kids! 
We typically ask for a minimum of 8 work crew or up to 12 (including bosses) to serve in the kitchen and/or outdoor projects.  
Dates fill up QUICKLY! Call today to book your weekend. 

What is the arrival and departure time for groups?
Weekends: Check-in time is at 4:00pm and departure is at 11:00am.  If the group coordinator needs to arrive an hour or two before check-in, please call Oakbridge first to find out if the camp is available at that time.
Mid-week:  Check-in is typically 11:00am and departure is 11:00am.  

Explain the housing configurations
Main Camp consists of 4 cabins. Standard housing - bunk beds. 

- Sutherland sleeps 44. Bunk beds. This cabin can be housed for both genders. (i.e. Girls upstairs, Boys downstairs). 

- Butterfield, Julian each sleep 32. The floor plans are not set up for co-ed. Please arrange your housing to be one gender per cabin.
- Golden Eagle sleeps a total of 48. This cabin can be housed for both genders. (i.e. Girls upstairs, Boys Downstairs).
Ballena Lodge: Upstairs deluxe accommodations sleep 24 - twin beds, 2 people per room. Downstairs is standard housing and sleeps 32.
• View the Main Camp floor plan.
Ballena Valley Lodge

• Upstairs Ballena is our deluxe accommodations. Each room has 2 twin beds. Total sleeping capacity is 24. 

• Downstairs Ballena is our standard bunk bed accommodations.  Total sleeping capacity is 32.

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