K.P. Duty

Oakbridge provides the delicious meals and fun environment but we ask our guest groups to help with K.P. duty by providing a Work Crew.  We are dedicated to ensuring you receive excellent service while at Oakbridge and a Work Crew will provide this opportunity. 

Our Oakbridge Guest Services department is working hard to recruit volunteer Work Crew to come and serve you in the dining room.  However, there may be weekends when we are not able to find such a group.  In light of this small possibility, we are asking the guest group to provide their own designated Work Crew (1 to 10 ratio…1 work crew per 10 campers)  A Work Crew is considered part of the camp staff during your stay and will help prep meals, set tables, bus and wash dishes and help in the process of cleaning the property after the campers leave.  2 Work Crew will also help run the Oakbridge Oasis store during your free-time. 

As the Retreat Coordinator, you should also designate two Work Crew Bosses, trained by our staff (upon arrival), who will be able to lead and direct the Work Crew.  We truly make it a fun, positive learning experience for the Work Crew and if jobs are completed in a timely manner they will have plenty of time to enjoy the property as well. 

Work Crew does not count toward meeting the minimum number of paying guests.  Designated Work Crew are free. 

The Work Crew and Bosses must arrive a minimum of 2 hours before the first meal or snack in order to be trained, eat, and to set up the dining room.

If Oakbridge is able to find volunteers, we will inform you immediately!  Thankfully, most of the time this is the case. 

In order for you to experience excellent service and quality during your meal times, we require the following:

We require that you provide a work crew (KP folks) of 1 to 10 ratio (1 work crew per 10 campers) for each meal and 2 mature, responsible work crew bosses.  You may choose to use different work crew for each meal, however the work crew bosses MUST be the same people for each meal.  This is how it all works:

1) We will need the first designated work crew and work crew bosses to meet in the dining room 1 hour before the first meal. At this time you will meet with the Oakbridge Food Service Manager who will train you how to set tables, serve, clean the dining room and wash dishes. The work crew bosses will be a crucial part of this training as they will, from that point on, train and supervise the rest of the work crew at each meal. 
2) The next meal will require that the work crew and bosses only show up 15 minutes before the meal to pre-set tables (bring food and beverages to each table).
3) To sum it up,  plan on each meal looking something like this:
• Work crew and bosses arrive 15 minutes before each meal (with the exception of the very first meal) to pre-set.
• Campers arrive and chow down.
• All campers bus tables (scrape and stack dishes at their own table). 
• Campers leave and enjoy a little free time. 
• 3 Work Crew will wash the dishes while the rest of the work crew bus the tables, wipe off tables, vacuum, complete misc. side jobs (fill coffee station, fill condiments etc) and re-set for next meal.
• After the Work Crew finish, they can join the rest of the campers for the next planned activity.
4) When planning your retreat itinerary, please include a minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes per meal.  This will allow time for your folks to enjoy a meal (usually about 35 minutes), and then for the work crew to complete their duties.  Just remember, the stronger the work crew and leadership, the faster the duties will get done. 

We have found that the experience for the work crew has always been positive as it teaches team-work as well as how to serve and have fun at the same time.  It really is a winner!  We promise!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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